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The United States War Dogs Association



Baghdad Time: 


Kabul Time:




Military Handlers: Send an email for care package support.

Help Needed:    

Our Military Canines Teams who have been deployed to the Middle East desparately need our help with supplying them with the following items.

Your donations are needed: Please help these wonderful canines and their handlers. Thank you.

Special Requests below: See complete list further down.

Send your Donations using Paypal. It's fast, free and secure.








         Donations collected by MAGSR on Behalf of US War Dogs

















Macon, Georgia  



Hendersonville, North Carolina







K9 Cooling gear is not needed until late Spring and Summer months.



"Project 7 - 4"

"AKC" , Raleigh, North Carolina













Ms. Lisa Cutis of Bow Wow Gifts, LLC. and the Students of Mayfield Middle School

K9 Cookies for our War Dogs - 2009



Christmas 2008

Help from our Friends.


See Photos of Care Packages sent for Christmas 2007

and the Individuals and Organizations who have supported our Military Working Dogs and their Handlers during this Holiday Season.


Click here for Photos of Care packages sent for Chrstmas 2006.



Operation Military Care K-9









West Henderson High School, North Carolina






Operation Military Care K-9 

2008 Bake Sale

Kids for Paws





To find out how our 2004 Christmas K-9  Care Package drive turned out.    Click Here!!









To All of Our K-9 Teams Supporters:

I have been recieving in the past several months emails from our K-9 Teams who are over in the Sandbox, thanking everyone for the care packages and for the support they have been recieving and I thought that I would post them on our web site for all to read.

I have had too, (for security reasons eliminate their names within these emails). Enjoy reading them and feel some satisfaction knowing, that you helped make a difference by supporting our young men and women and their K-9's who are serving our country with Honor.

Thank you.

Ron Aiello, President





K-9 Tino living the dream...






Michelle Smith stopped by to give a helping hand.

 Michelle has been receiving donations from individuals and businesses in and around her hometown of Brick, N.J. in support of Operation Military Care.

To make a donation or send a care package in your name you can donate

 through the Paypal link below or mail to:



Ronald L. Aiello

c/o The United States War Dogs Association

1313 Mt. Holly Road

Burlington, New Jersey 08016


Phone contact: 609-747-9340 , Cell phone 609-234-4539


Email: uswardogs.org



Please make all checks payable to:  USWDA

The United States War Dogs Association would like to take this time to recognize the following Companies for their support of our Military Canine Teams who are serving with Honor in the Middle East.


  • K-9 ADVANTIX **
  • 8 IN 1 PET PRODUCTS **
  • PET VALU *






The following individuals are to be recognized for their donations of Merchandise.


  • Cathy Hliwski
  • Barbara Lehner
  • Teri Miller
  • Sandi Mundy
  • Jill Geraghty
  • Denise Marks
  • Dr. Schuster
  • Manny
  • Nikki Miller
  • Mary O'Rourke
  • Evelyn Stasioski
  • Johanne Duchesne
  • Ms. Babe Joe
  • Rebecca McWilliams
  • Vivian Hierbaum
  • Pall Trincor Employees
  • Diane Wentz
  • Donna Kubina
  • Laurie Brown
  • Jodi Eisenberger
  • Liz and Francis Daniels
  • Jennifer Tavenner
  • Margrit Young
  • Debbie Daniels
  • Pam Burkett
  • Kathy Jacobsen
  • Nancy Brayton
  • Vicki Hill
  • Linda Gutherless
  • Madison Vetinary Hospital
  • Glen Doughten **
  • Garden State Weimaraner Club
  • Princeton Ecom Corporation
  • Rita Murphy, (Bay Head Marine)
  • Diane Ness
  • Fuzzy Thayer & Coworkers **
  • Palmerdale Animal Clinic
  • Lisa Carroll
  • Christa Rash
  • Kathy Gard
  • United We Serve **
  • Robin Harper
  • Carol Keeney
  • Paulette Emerson
  • Lisa Sonneborn
  • Judi Ireland
  • Steven Feuerstein
  • Time Warner Telecom
  • Family Pet Health Center
  • Patty Rusch
  • Diana McKinney
  • Romey Kilgore**
  • Cathy Thompson
  • OSU Law School
  • Bud & Paulette Emerson
  • Robin Harper
  • Altoona Area Kennel Club
  • Animal Health Clinic of Funkstown **
  • Pat Schue
  • Lois Goldsmith
  • Robert Hanley
  • Irene Schuelein
  • Frank Bartoloni
  • Sheila & Bernie Abrams
  • Irene Ferguson
  • Joan Welch
  • Augusta Ranch Elementary School
  • Cobb Emergency Veterinary Clinic
  • Shannon Vawtes
  • VCA Animal Hospital
  • Dr. Bonnie Wilcox
  • C. R. Hanna Elementary School
  • Scott County Kennel Club
  • Alisa Davis
  • Elizabeth Mesec
  • Jack Whittaker
  • Linda Keller
  • Pam Ramey
  • Catherine Frantz
  • Amy WhiteHall
  • Pawleys Veterinary Hospital
  • Tracey McVay
  • Kelly & Kevin Morris
  • Kathy Murphy
  • Downey Superior Court
  • Mt. Holly Family Dentistry
  • Oregon Zoo
  • Pioneer Valley Kennel Club
  • SSgt. & Mrs. R.P. Mann
  • Gary Donnelly
  • Jane Mullins
  • Trenton Missionary Baptist Church, Sunday School
  • Sarasota Search & Rescue
  • Ms. H. J. Geib
  • Nancy Moritz
  • Rachel Trapani
  • Tiffany Misdom
  • Perth Amboy High School
  • Janet Swanson
  • Steve Carson
  • Julie Duddy
  • Patricia Geschwent
  • Classy Clippe Pet Salon
  • Joan Giles
  • P.S. 22-3A-212, Staten Island
  • Girl Scout Junior Troop 961
  • German Shepherd Dog Club of WI
  • The ICE Guys
  • Linda Underwood
  • Keith Pauley
  • Christine & Wayne Laptosh
  • Mike Carroll
  • 201st. RED HORSE, Family Readiness Group
  • Diane Callahan
  • Belgian Malinois Fanciers of the Potomac
  • Laura Lehman
  • Pat & Ray Schue
  • Keith Pauley
  • Karen Mansfield
  • Dog Scouts of America - Oregon Tailblazers  - Troop 136
  • Hamberg, F. & L.
  • Darlene Allen
  • Diane Callahan
  • Becky Barker
  • R. Wayne Snider
  • Mike Carroll
  • Diane Callahan
  • Martha Ann Hagedorn
  • Diane Eisenbart
  • Barbara Parker
  • Miss McCabe's Second Grade Class 2006, Washington Elementary School
  • Christine Meyer, Wags & Whiskers
  • Nancy West, Off Lead Publications
  • Animal Health Clinic of Funkstown
  • Toplin German Shepherds Dog Club of Illinois
  • Patrick Harbour, Harbour Contractors, Inc.
  • Iroquois Middle School, Macomb, MI.
  • Tanque Verde Lutheron Church
  • Rebecca Dominik
  • Susan Bodman
  • Rob Cutman
  • Samara Adams
  • Kathleen Nuniz
  • Georgetown Animal Hospital
  • Carol Waltz
  • Robin Jasper
  • SrA Newell & SrA Walker
  • The Hanna's
  • Jay Bradbury
  • Parkwest Veterinary Associates. LLC
  • Letters From Home Program
  • Suny Systems Administration
  •              Amy Cox
  •              Bonnie Protor
  •              Mary Beth D'Ambrosion
  • June Cosier
  • Krista McVay
  • Data Management Institue of Advancement
  • Linda Shephard
  • Energy Edge, LLC
  • South Paws Seeing Eye Club in Lehigh Valley, PA.
  • Girl Scout Troop 1407, Greenville, NY
  • Lynn Jackson
  • Anne Deckard
  • Deborah Gentry
  • Rob Curtis
  • Woody and Eadie Bailey
  • Beth and Mike Nelson
  • Rebecca and Kahn Dodson
  • Becky Ernest
  • Alice Payne
  • Cub Scout Pack 30, Den 4.  Danville, PA.
  • Ann Maria Dessner
  • Animal Medical Services, Gardnerville, NV
  • Barbara Nunnemacher & Family
  • Angel & Joe Maenhardt
  • Agnes Brus
  • Hamilton Hardware Company, Houston, TX.
  • Kylie Hinger
  • Ron Hopkins
  • Jerome Hudson
  • Gail Snyder
  • Stephanie Avila
  • Gale Perry
  • Tom Wargo
  • Sabrina Hundley
  • Buck Hilestad
  • Kimberly Schwartz
  • Jennifer Lupia(Kennelwood Pet Resort)
  • Patsy thompsonHeather Smith(NewEgypt Primary School)
  • Ron Werneth
  • Beth O'Bannon
  • Ina Griffin
  • Jennifer Hill
  • Rebecca Gilpin
  • Katherine Beam
  • Jean Song Winds
  • Diane Akeret
  • Jennifer Compos
  • Diane Abel
  • Bobbie Miller
  • Danielle Greenwood
  • Gail Snyder********
  • Lisa Curtis*******
  • Susan Engel********
  • John N. Evans, D.P.M., P. C. and Staff
  • Jamie Zimolong
  • Lynne Phillips
  • Lois Pickett
  • Ken Pomerantz
  • Aleen Moore
  • Beth Coburn
  • Thrift Penny
  • Mary Mamanus
  • Monty & Sheri Moore
  • Bill Baker
  • Trish Pasano
  • Michelle Williams
  • Patty Mall
  • The Mid-Atlantic German Shepherd Rescue
  • Petco
  • The Rick and sally Meyers Animal Shelter
  • Tractor Supply Company
  • Geroge Colburn, Phu Loi 1969
  • Ryan & Sandy Bulson
  • Sue Downs
  • Eva Hartig
  • Kitty Miceli
  • Sher Keene
  • Joseph Birkel





The following individuals are to be recognized for their monetary donations.

  • Joey Scutro
  • Pat Halm
  • Judy Hesnan
  • George Rose
  • Sandi Ciambrone
  • Mrs. Genova
  • Cheryl Smith
  • Patti Gaye
  • Tom Gaye
  • Ed LeGar **
  • Joanne Bollhofer-White
  • Darlene & Louis Cian
  • Roberta & Robert Koontz
  • Janice & Joseph White
  • Marie & Donald Klein
  • Helga & William Infeld
  • Rebecca Fronk
  • Melissa Lowers
  • Shari-Lynn Bobik
  • Susan Stacy
  • Jeanette Ness
  • Jessica Mitchell
  • Pauline Clea
  • Brooke Haggerty
  • Pam Burkett
  • Eleanor Wheeler
  • John Minnick
  • Melinda Shaw
  • Nancy Victor
  • Karen Anselmo
  • Matt Gottshalk
  • Mark Swanson
  • Jennifer Hudak
  • Janet Yurcik
  • Carol Kyle
  • Linda Gutherless
  • Rebecca Phillips
  • Roben Reiniche **
  • Jack Jackson
  • Brant Bennett
  • Mary J. & G.M. Dillingham
  • L. M. Parker
  • Lilyana Romas
  • Beverly Tosch
  • Gary Loewenthal
  • Outdoors Offroad
  • Tamya Mouginis
  • Brant Bennett
  • Stanley Severance
  • Roben Reiniche **
  • Jessica Wolfe
  • Jeanette McVicker
  • Donette Seifert
  • Richard Clarkson
  • Richmond KcKelvey
  • Suzette Waters
  • Charlotte, Smith
  • Diane Ness
  • Tom, Lory & Sophie Maggio
  • The Misha May Foundation
  • Jinny Roas
  • Momma's Towing Service, Inc.
  • Terry Crews
  • Carol Canny
  • Chris Kidd
  • Carol Keeney
  • James Cochran
  • April Harmer
  • Hal Aber
  • Amanda Richardson
  • Paulette Emerson
  • William Altimari
  • Gilda Perry
  • Stacey Brewer
  • Richard Walker
  • Caroline Thomas
  • Kevin Congdon
  • Ann Katcef
  • Cristi Smith
  • Jill Asher
  • Nancy Roseo
  • Kathryn Scapa
  • Irene Ferguson
  • Kim Brogan
  • Ronald Lyslo
  • Nancy Dancy
  • George Martin
  • Silvia Cornelia
  • Gayle & John Wayne
  • William Lincks
  • Richard Walker
  • Elizabeth Mulligan
  • Rebecca Fronk
  • Theresa Hawkins
  • Andrea Socha
  • K-9 Guardians of Lockport, IL.
  • Becky & Donovan Reese
  • Irene Ferguson
  • Elizabeth Mulligan
  • Paula Drake
  • Elizabeth Mikre
  • Robert Corbett
  • Patsy Conway
  • Michael Oulmette
  • Illinois Moose Riders, Lombard Chapter 2350
  • Beverly Maloy
  • Mary Juber
  • Linda Ramsey
  • Carol Sproul
  • M. Jayn Bigler
  • Robert Todt
  • Emma Barnes
  • Janet Swanson
  • Mary Lou Mitchell Davis
  • Janet Broida
  • Karen Yockey
  • Dorothy Brown
  • Louisa Iudiciani
  • Patricia Geschwent
  • Classy Clippe Pet Salon
  • P.S. 22-3A-212, Staten Island
  • Association of PET DOG TRAINERS
  • Belgian Malinois Fanciers of the Potomac
  • Louise Mansfield
  • Louise Tucker
  • Gwendolyn Moore
  • Vlint Ballard, Jr.
  • Claire Pettrone
  • Blair Carter Esquire
  • Mary Theresa Benson
  • Jeanette Davias
  • Faith Steinbach
  • Kathy Hays
  • Salome & Robert Steele
  • Claim Pizem
  • Renee Bisciotti
  • Barbara Monroe
  • Forrest Brooks
  • Bohdanna Gott
  • Hazel Parkins
  • Tina Leone
  • Leslie Herman
  • Katherine Rieman
  • Eugene Walker
  • Ellee Newhard
  • Patricia Berzins
  • Nicki Stedman
  • Pld Dominion Lumber
  • Diane Mercier
  • Cheryl Harris
  • Ed Benson
  • A DOGS WORLD, Knasas City, MO,
  • Jan Jesky
  • Marion Heinz
  • Nancy Theodore
  • Irene Vrabel, M.D.
  • Laurel Stadler
  • Linda Schmidt
  • Lois Mitchell
  • CMGRP, Inc.
  • Evan Golann
  • Alice Wilson
  • Doris Carney
  • Michael Carroll
  • Teresa Beal
  • Lynn Martin
  • Dona Clegg
  • B. A. Minner
  • Donald Bell
  • Hazel Parkins
  • Andrea & Bejamin Larson
  • Camner Family Charitable Foundation
  • Linda Nidham
  • Joyce Fritz
  • Doris Hastings
  • Christine & Wayne Laptosh
  • Donna Murphy
  • Alison Kelly
  • Alexis Wolf
  • Karen Wilson
  • E. Lorrene & William Palmer
  • Penny Blum
  • Melva & Charlie Pierson
  • Humane Society of Missouri
  • Linda Brusher
  • Dog Wash Express
  • Central Bark Doggy Day Care
  • Mixed Media of South Florida
  • Curves of Forestville, CA
  • Lynn Gordon
  • Jump Start Dog Sports, Inc.
  • Tails A Waggin Dog Obedience
  • John M. O'Connell
  • Sueni A. Barnes
  • Barbara Duke
  • Sondra Milovich
  • Dana Young
  • Beth Collins
  • Kandy Little
  • Robert Day
  • Bernadette & Joseph Newland
  • Elaine Miller
  • Verena Baumgartner
  • Frank Chappell
  • Shirley & Paul Armanini
  • Verna McGann
  • Heidi Pardue
  • Louis & Beverly Maloy
  • Patrick & Gayla Cummins
  • Michael & Shirley Majewski
  • Becky Barker
  • Heidi Christiansen
  • Nancy Cordero
  • Carole Hurst
  • Vickie Love
  • Heidi Christianson
  • Joanne Marcovitz
  • Mary & Stephen Peth
  • Pets and People
  • Barbara Parker
  • Mary S'Alba Walsh
  • Gail Krasity
  • Jane & Robert Loeffler
  • Sperreng Middle School, Builders Club
  • Rebecca Fronk
  • Cecile Cherry
  • Willard Rusk
  • Heidi Pardue
  • Barbara R. Hernandez
  • Peter & Michael Gutter
  • Hazel Parkins ***
  • Margaret Joan Byerly
  • Gordon & Louise Huntley
  • Valerie Lucas
  • Janice Mahood
  • Carol Helfer
  • Christine Mayers
  • Marcy Kueffner
  • Jennifer Holdcraft
  • Heidi Pardue
  • Barbara Hernandez
  • Emily Arnold
  • Robin Jasper
  • SrA. L. D. Walker
  • Janice Mahood
  • Emily Arnold
  • Nancy Victor
  • Regina Caschetto
  • Gale Lynn Markus
  • Maria Caldiero Hanna
  • Kimberly Molley
  • Cynthia & Christopher Young
  • C. Dean Foster, Jr.
  • Lynn & Devon Haugh
  • Shon Clark
  • Fox Valley Veterinary Service & Clinic, Ltd.
  • Heather Rathburn
  • Sharon Sakson
  • Ed & Joan DeBrincat
  • Nancy Reynolds & Teddy Wall
  • Kaye & Thomas Keeton *
  • James Saunders *
  • Sound Communications
  • Julia and JoAnna Burns
  • James Sanders
  • Cheryl Shaw
  • Sandra Markoe
  • Thomas and Kaye Keeton
  • Kandy Little
  • Lyndia Hartman
  • Diane Flory
  • Susan and John Lockhart
  • Lois and Laurence Mitchell
  • K9 Guardians, Inc.
  • Burlington County Times
  • Susan Lockhart
  • Jean Gottschalk
  • Mark Starek
  • Lori Cunningham
  • Maria Caldiero Hanna
  • Judith Jefferson Farrar Chapter NSCDXVIIC
  • Denise Bina
  • Jazmine Estacio
  • Linda and Clark Johnson
  • Suisei Goguen
  • iGive.Com
  • Kennedy Middle School
  • Rebecca and Monty Fronk
  • Katherine Foster
  • Janet W. Hughes
  • Peter and Diana Kunasz
  • Melissa Ottjepka
  • Judith A. Tummitt
  • Diane Williamson
  • Jane R. Fleming
  • Hendersonville Veterinary Hospital
  • Clarissa White
  • Jeanette Davias
  • Kathleen Balamoti
  • Barbara Keitz
  • Mills River Animal Clinic
  • Kanuga Animal Clinic
  • Girl Scout Troop 1407, NY
  • Sweeten Creek Animal & Bird Hospital
  • Marianne & Larry Barreiro
  • Cheryl D. Johnson
  • Arlene & Scott Pollock
  • Ann Flint
  • Michael and Susan Stranko
  • Dogwood Acres Pet retreat, Inc.
  • Donna L. Blair
  • Michael and Sandra Malley
  • Thomas and Shannon Popola
  • Donald and Patricia Pignataro
  • Anthony and Andrea Errico
  • Robin Blair Vermilyea
  • Charles Torrence
  • Phillip Estrada
  • Mary Fahey
  • Michael and Linda Stockdale ***
  • Deborah and Lawrence Theus
  • Frank and Eleanor Zacchera
  • Lyndia Hartman
  • Barbara Russell
  • JWSC-EAC,  Jo Lynn Farthing & Rita Morock
  • Janice L. Buchner
  • Lois Hammond
  • James Cody
  • John & Gail Moran
  • Barbara Parker
  • John and Kay Joyner
  • Hazel Parkins
  • Michael and Susan Stranko
  • Richard Pilichowski
  • Donna Weller
  • Debbie Bryson
  • Iva Clark
  • Martha Denison
  • Mikee Treml
  • Andrea Mejeski
  • Darly Webber
  • Alice Mellons
  • Jean Delacy
  • Steve Green
  • Ann Lettis
  • Pepperell Middle School, Lindale, GA.
  • Marge Friedman
  • Barbara Russell
  • Jenn and Jim Burgess
  • _______________________________________________
  • Jo Strong
  • Terry Yoder
  • Jan Silvious
  • Lynn Kortz
  • Marty Wynne Patterson
  • Phyllis and Dan Rabon
  • Emily, George and Dolly Farmer
  • Johnnie Armstrong
  • Suzanne Farlow
  • Charlie, Tammy and Toby Shook
  • Jane Flemming
  • Reta Farrell
  • Marva, Arko and Hobo Rawlings
  • Janie and Woody Belue
  • Carl, Garley and Murphy Riggs
  • Linda, Shiba and Mia Soble
  • Celie LuRue Buchalski
  • Laurie Cox
  • Sara Fullmer
  • Cindy Ridings
  • Mona Dunn
  • Dot and Don Grosset
  • Lynn Jackson
  • Ann Dichard
  • Deborah Gentry
  • Rob Curtis
  • Woody and Eadie Bailey
  • Beth and Mike Nelson
  • Rebecca and Kahn Dobson
  • Becky Ernest
  • Alice Payne
  • Vicki Laker
  • Lorilie Weinhold
  • Jan Unwin
  • Vickie Osborne
  • Ann Wirtz
  • Judy and Gracie Tate
  • Exie, Gene and Prince Henson
  • Judy Warner
  • John Dickson
  • Cathy Corliss
  • Beth White
  • Debbye Skaggs
  • Lynn and Britta Kortz
  • Linda Orwig
  • Helen Shaver
  • Kenneth and Mary Bachard
  • Lara Joan Harkinson
  • Eunice Stewart
  • Rosi Dolbie
  • Bridgett Patterson
  • Marguerette Shanburger
  • Linda and Edgar Maroon
  • Robert and Shirley Teel
  • Frances Fossali
  • Elizabeth Osmer
  • June Leary
  • Sharon, Julie and Sara Dickinson
  • Doug and Marcie Scott
  • Nancy Tyndell
  • Verna Heimbinder
  • Nancy Roberts
  • Donald and Virginia Scoula
  • Nancy Cross
  • David Tankersley
  • Barber Parker
  • Michael and Linda Stockdale
  • Gerald and Christine Phillips
  • RJ and AJ Chapman
  • Lucille Parish
  • Helen McNamara
  • John Mooshian, Jr.
  • Nancy Cooper
  • Marge Friedman
  • Paul and Joan Eddie
  • Kenneth and Terry Bird
  • Michael and Linda Stockdale
  • Christina Rdgers
  • Jane Carroll
  • Carman Fire Dept. Schenectady, NY
  • Robert and Brenda Kinzly
  • Carol Michael-Vick
  • National Capital Kennel Club
  • Catoctin Kennel Club
  • Sarah Fullmer
  • MJ Mechanical Services, NY
  • Tina Chaudhry
  • Karen Redman
  • Michelle Petrola
  • Barbara Flanagan
  • Roderick and Myong Barton
  • Charles Shepherd
  • Upper Marlboro Kennel Club
  • Patricia Harkins
  • Peter and Diane Kunasy
  • Dian and G. Jona  Pol, Jr.
  • Ann Gonyer
  • Mary Holden
  • Eve B. Hoover
  • Lisa Sanborn
  • Adrian Garneau
  • Ashley,Marc,Kiersten & Meredith Lynn
  • Helen, Chris, Dylan & Connor Horan
  • Dennis and Calvin Grier, Sr.
  • Lutrelle O'Cain
  • Pet Pleasers Bakery, Inc.
  • Butch and Connie Baggett
  • Judith Stover
  • Rita Murphy
  • Gerard Gavin
  • Maria Caldiero Hanna
  • Holden Beach VFW 8866
  • VFW Ladies Auxiliary 9960
  • David Anderson
  • Susan Iacono
  • Mary Jo Patel
  • Kyra Ball
  • Melissa Conadon
  • Vivian Hierbaum
  • Peter and Diane Kunasz
  • The Huntley Veterinary Hospital, Huntley, Il.
  • Karyn Montouri
  • Diane and Edward Hartman
  • Lorraine Young
  • Kimberly Offhaus
  • Glen Barbaritz
  • Dr. Mary Humm
  • Paulette and Bill Joplin
  • Karen and Troy Kerekes
  • Cynthia and Tomothy LeJeune
  • Lily and Eugene Cranor
  • Renee and Charles Enze
  • Rover Resorts, Inc.
  • McKinney Animal Hospital
  • Mud Creek Baptist Church
  • Officers Wives Club of Fredricks, MD
  • The Goumet Puppy, LLC
  • Audrey Goldstein
  • Patricia Fleetwood
  • Aaron Loyd
  • Mary McCrary
  • Larry Graybill
  • Michael Bale
  • Sara Ray
  • Norma Baker
  • Michelli Riddle
  • Teresa Schmidt
  • Melissa Allen
  • Mary Noel
  • Kathleem Peters
  • Kiley Blackstad
  • Michael Nocera
  • Holly Engelhardt
  • Sara Elisabeth Gonzales
  • Emily & Preston Morris
  • Edward Kreinik
  • Ingrid Hultgren
  • Beth A. Coburn
  • Auntie Ruth's Furry Friends
  • Kenneth Pomerantz
  • McKinney Animal Hospital
  • Rover Resort, Inc.
  • Prince William Kennels, Inc.
  • Stephen Nelson
  • Jill Packer
  • Nancie Poppema
  • Debra & William Saller
  • Sammie & M.L. Shadid
  • Charles & Renee Enze
  •  Nolan S. Broughton
  • Gisela & John Stogner
  • Judy Lessard
  • Jennifer Phillips
  • Mary & Jerome McManus
  • __________________________________________



  **  Designates multiple donations

We would like to take this time to thank a special person who has helped to make Operation Miltary Care, K-9 a success and that person is Michelle Smith of Brick, New Jersey.

Michelle has gone beyond the call of duty. She has become devoted to helping the K-9 Teams who are serving in the Middle East. She wants them to know that there are people in the United States who care about them and wish them a safe journey.

Thank you Michelle.

  Site last updated: 09/02/04 at 10:03 AM

Wall Township resident solicits support for overseas K9 troops

By Louis C. Hochman

Wall Township resident Michelle Smith knows not all heroes walk on two legs.

“Last year, I was just searching on my computer and I typed in ‘war dogs,’” Ms. Smith recalled. “I knew there were dogs used in the military, and I wanted to see what I could do to help.”

And through that idle curiosity, Ms. Smith stumbled on the home page of the United States War Dogs Association, located at uswardogs.org. And through that organization, she found a way to help the military’s K9 soldiers.

“I just started to contact companies, to see what they could give,” Ms. Smith said, a dog owner herself.

Since the United States sent troops to Afghanistan, and then later Iraq, schools, churches and community groups throughout the Jersey Shore area have worked to assemble care baskets for soldiers serving overseas. Most often, they collect the everyday items difficult to come by while in service — toiletries, sunblock, candy, soap and other amenities.

With the help of several companies and a few individuals, Ms. Smith and the other members of U.S. War Dogs take on a similar effort. But their collections are geared at items useful to the dogs and their handlers.

For instance, Ms. Smith said, she might ask a company to donate ear and eye cleaners, sturdy dog toys, collars, nail clippers or other health and grooming items. She looks for sunblock without para-aminobenzoic acids-— since dogs can be prone to licking up the toxic components in their sun protection.

Companies throughout the country have been exceedingly helpful, Ms. Smith said.

“They’ve been phenomenal,” she said.

Local resident Gaye Wittenberg, of Manasquan, was one of the largest individual donors, providing what Ms. Smith described as a “ton of stuff” for both the dogs and their handlers. Companies donated items ranging from snack chips and almonds, to sunblock and toiletries, rope toys, to gum.

The group is also focused on installing a war dog memorial at the Veterans Veterans Memorial in Holmdel. It is continuing fund-raising efforts, but right now is about $50,000 short, Ms. Smith said.

According to U.S. War Dogs, military dogs have been used by the United States since World War I. They and their handlers have been trained to operate as scouts, trackers and sentry units, and often work in explosive detection.

According to the group, more than 4,000 dogs served in Vietnam, and it is estimated that they saved more than 10,000 American human lives. But the dogs were classified as surplus military equipment after the war, and were either euthanized or transferred to South Vietnam.

U.S. War Dogs also celebrates a 2000 law that requires dogs who survive service overseas be brought back home when a conflict ends.

Ms. Smith said she and other members of U.S. War Dogs have received e-mail from soldiers serving overseas, offering their thanks.

She said the U.S. War Dogs effort — and other similar ones — are particularly important in a time when domestic politics and other issues make headline news.

“The war’s not plastered all over the TV as much. People need to see what’s going on, and they need to see the dogs are soldiers too. They need help too,” she said.

Anyone interested in contributing can do so through uswardogs.org.


Dogs of war get helping hand

Published in the Home News Tribune 1/13/05

They sniff out explosives and drugs, live on military rations and spend months or even years in the desert of Iraq or the tundra of Afghanistan.

Like their human counterparts, the dogs in the United States military are fighting the war on terror across the globe. And, New Jersey residents Ron Aiello, Joanne Niestempski and Jean Marie Pelkowski suspect the canine units could use some moral support from back home.

With hundreds of dogs engaged in military action overseas, Aiello, Niestempski and Pelkowski are trying to ease the canines' lives by collecting goodies for care packages for the dogs and their handlers.

For them, supporting the troops means collecting jerky treats, rawhides and Kong toys.

"It just gives them a little bit of home, and it builds up their morale," said Aiello, a Burlington resident who served as a Marine scout dog handler in Vietnam. "That's the most important thing out of anything."

Aiello, president of the United States War Dogs Association, has mailed about 250 packages to dogs and their human partners in Afghanistan, Iraq and Kuwait in the last 17 months.

He's getting help from South Amboy resident Niestempski, who works at the Sayreville Pet Adoption Center, and Pelkowski, who owns the South Amboy dog-grooming shop Poochie Doo. They're among the volunteers collecting supplies for the packages that are tailored to handlers' requests.

In the winter, packages often include lip balm and hand cream for the handlers, while in the summer, they include sunblock. For the dogs, packages include special mats that are warm when turned one way and cool when flipped over.

Less timely items include treats, Frisbees and tennis balls for dogs, and candy, work socks and flashlights for humans.

Aiello stays in touch with the units and handlers by e-mail to stay updated on what they need. Sometimes, the requests are unexpected.

One dog handler wrote him to ask for low-carbohydrate, Atkins diet-like foods -- cookies, candy and crackers.

"That's not easy to find," Aiello said. But after visiting several stores, he found enough to fill a package for the woman.

When Aiello began sending packages, the project progressed slowly -- he was funding it out of pocket, and did not have a lot of extra money to spend. But as publicity increased, Aiello has received more donations, of both supplies and money for postage.

Aiello's two-car garage, which he uses for his porcelain- and china-restoring business, is now so full of supplies to send overseas that his customers can't get inside, he said.

Much of the additional goods have come from people like Niestempski, who read about Aiello's project in "The Animal Companion," a New Jersey newspaper for animal lovers, and decided it would be a good activity for the Naval Sea Cadet Corps group she leads in Leonardo. Each of the 35 youngsters in her cadet squad brought a bag of supplies for the drive, providing a large haul to donate.

Niestempski, who has two children in the Coast Guard, also collects items at the Pet Adoption Center in Sayreville, while Pelkowski keeps a bin for donations and a sign announcing the drive at Poochie Doo.

Customers who see the sign often say they never thought about animal units in the military, Pelkowski said. And many quickly begin donating.

For Pelkowski, the importance of caring for dog units was reinforced by a dog she groomed that was trained to sniff out bodies at disaster sites. The dog's owner would often recount their exploits, which included searching for bodies after an earthquake in Mexico.

"Every time she'd be in she'd tell me something they did," Pelkowski said. "I'd get a tear in my eyes that an animal could do such good."

For Aiello, collecting goods for dogs on active duty serves as a reminder of Stormy, the German shepherd he teamed with to lead patrols and search for land mines and ambushes nearly 40 years ago in Vietnam.

"I had such confidence in Stormy, because we were such a great team, I didn't think anything of it," he said

For dog handlers, serving with a companion means more than just the dogs' sniffing expertise.

"When you're away, you've got somebody to talk to, your dog, and they always listen," Aiello said. "You always have somebody to bounce your problems off."

For more information or to donate items, visit www.uswardogs.org, or contact Ron Aiello at (609) 747-9340or ronaiello@uswardogs.org, 1313 Mount Holly Road, Burlington, NJ 08016.

Arielle Levin Becker: (732) 565-7205; abecker@thnt.com





Military Canines

Send Holiday Cheer to the Forgotten Heroes

by Jennifer LB Leese

"Canines with courage and loyalty are serving over seas."

The high-quality work of the Animal Health Clinic of Funkstown has recently
gone to the dogs as they begin a project of collecting and sending food and
toy care packages to soldier dogs and their handlers of the United States
Armed Forces. What an excellent time of year! I hope you find it in your
hearts to think of military soldiers and the dogs of war during this holiday

Because of their keen sense of smell and acute hearing, military dogs rush
into potentially dangerous situations well ahead of their human counterpart
searching for hazards so the troops can enter safely. These brave canines
help fight against terrorism everyday. Whether working as a "Scout Dog,"
serving as the infantry unit's eyes and ears, or tracking down the enemy as
a "Combat Tracker," military dogs give everything they can. Their jobs are
hard, long, and tiring. "Sentry Dogs" locate, distain, and destroy mines,
booby-traps, trip wires, tunnel compiles, and any other casualty producing

"These dogs are over there protecting our men and our country. They need to
be given the rewards that they deserve and to be made as comfortable as
possible while they are over there and for the rest of their lives, says
Debbie Brown at the Health Clinic.

According to United States War Dogs Association, military dogs have been
used by the United States since World War I. They estimated that more than
4,000 dogs served in Vietnam, and that these heroic pups saved more than
10,000 American human lives.

After Dr. Virginia Scrivener, 1993 founder of the Animal Health Clinic of
Funkstown, read an article in a magazine about helping out dogs of war, she
and her staff researched the topic further and decided to start this
wonderful project. "We know that being away from home and their families can
be a scary and sad time for both the soldiers and the canines. We want to
make that time a little more bearable for them," says Brown. "We plan on
continuing this as long as our soldiers and canines are away from home," and
"for as long as the community is willing to support it." The Clinic helps
raise money for the Kate Koogler Canine Cancer Fund, Community Free Clinic,
and the Humane Society of Washington County, as well as for Guiding Eyes for
the Blind by sponsoring Mudd Volleyball tournaments and participating in the
annual MS walk. Not only that, but did you know that your dog can donate
blood? The Health Clinic is now a blood donation site for the Eastern
Veterinary Blood Bank in Annapolis. If you would like to learn more about
this valuable service or would like information on the donor program, please
call 410-224-BANK.

In 1999, several Vietnam-era dog handlers got together to display a War Dog
Exhibit at AKC sponsored dog shows. By the end of 1999, they had decided to
start the United States War Dogs Association. This group is a nonprofit
organization of former US military dog handlers and supporting members. The
organization enlightens the public about the priceless service military dogs
have provided troops. Many organizations such as Cub Scouts and the Animal
Health Clinic of Funkstown as well as many individuals help raise money by
putting on events and by collecting donated items for military soldiers and
their furry lookouts.
Not only does the US War Dogs Association look to send care packages; they
also are working on establishing a US War Dog Memorial and having a
commemorative War Dog Stamp issued by the postal service.

When asked about the importance of helping military dogs and their handlers,
Ron Aiello, a Marines scout-dog handler in the Vietnam War and president of
the United States War Dogs Association had this to say, "This is very
important to me. I remember when I was in Vietnam with my K-9, Stormy, which
was for 13 months back in 1966-67. During that time period, I never received
a care package. I know that care package were being sent to Vietnam,
unfortunately I never saw one. Well, when our troops started to be deployed
to the Middle East, I just new what I had to do. Support our handlers and
their K-9’s." He went further to say, "I wish more people would get involved
in supporting our military K-9 teams serving in the Middle East. They can
use all the support that they can get," says Aiello.

Do you want to send holiday cheer to dogs of war? Here's a list of "new"
items you can send to these brave canines and their two-legged friends:
• Jerky treats
• American Flag bandannas
• Dog shampoo & conditioner
• Combs & brushes
• Squeaky toys
• Chew ropes
• Bones
• Tennis balls
• Dog Boots for large dogs

• Toothbrushes, toothpaste, & dental floss
• Deodorant & baby powder
• Lip Balm & sun Screen
• Baby wipes
• Moisturizing Eye Drops
• Nail files, clippers, hand cream
• Powdered drinks
• Candy
• Gum
• Cookies
• Stationary 

If you'd like to donate money, checks or cash can be mailed 
to Ronald Aiello, c/o The United States War Dogs
Association, 1313 Mt. Holly Road, Burlington, NJ, 08016. The

clinic offers free educational seminars several times throughout the year
for the community. Learn more about this group of caring individuals by
visiting their website at www.funkstownvet.com.

If you're interested in learning more about war dogs, their handlers, and
the US War Dogs Association, visit their website at http://uswardogs.org/.

"These [military] K-9 teams who are serving in the Middle East and elsewhere
around the world are highly trained professionals serving their country with
honor and I salute each and everyone." As do I. Please help.

Jennifer LB Leese
Children's Book Review Columnist, Author, and Copyeditor


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